Sunday, August 14, 2011

3:36 A.M

Good morning.

Today is a new day. The dust hasn't settled, nor has the last box been emptied. Life almost grabbed me by the shirttails attempting to drag me back to the other side of writing.

This morning at 2:45, I stopped. For the past year or so, I have edited, rewrote, and lamented at the publishing process. Reading all the professional advice, admonitions, and renditions of those who have been successful, or not so successful even, absorbed my time like a sponge soaking up water.

Repeatedly, I read their promotions of their work, suggestions of how it is done, and ideas on how to write that winning novel. I read. I listened. I read some more, until I wanted to scream, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Then, last night, I realized I had allowed “publishing” to weigh down my writing to a point that it had become laborious rather than exciting, fulfilling, and something that causes one to turn on their computer at 3:00 a.m. So, I am now writing again, creating a world with words, and getting to know my main characters again.

My original intentions for my blog was to educate myself and my readers of the publishing process by providing resources, “Links” to other such places. Deliberately, I steered away from promoting my work too much and didn’t want my blog to become my daily diary.

However, today is a new day. I am writing a new chapter in one of my books. That is where I will be for some time now – leaving the last box for another day. It isn’t going anywhere, but then, neither has my writing of late. Today, I write. I will continue my blog, but only in regards to where my writing takes me each day, each week, while I walk in the worlds I create.

For all who follow this blog, I am grateful and appreciate your dropping by from time to time. You are always welcome here. If you would like, I know I would like it, you may relate your progress in writing. Let me know your latest work, difficult chapter, writer’s block, or your joy in creating that winning story. Share here with me our journey and struggles towards those wonderful words, “The End.”

Back to that chapter…and another cup of coffee.


  1. I love reading about your writing journey. Post away without fear and I shall read and comment about it :)

  2. Hi Michael. Thanks again for still visiting my blog even though I appear as a ghost lately. I think part of why I have not been as active with it is the fact it seems broken.

    I am signed in, but it shows I am not. When I post to my own blog, it says I don't have permission to read this blog, so I must post as either anon or name.

    I am open for suggestions before I decide to pack up my blog and move it to another home....I really hate moving, really I do.

    Today wasn't a good day for writing - car in shop all day, company until late. Life gets in the way, or should I say, stuff gets in the way?

    tnx again