Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Last Box...

Only one box to go and I will be finished unpacking (not counting ones I shoved into the hall closet for later investigation). Last night, I wrestled with my computer's wireless connection until 3 a.m. and I won. I am now back on line and trying to get caught up on all the hundreds of emails, blowing off the cobwebs of blog and twitter, and catching up with my linkedin spot.

Each time I get something accomplished (pay a bill, update an account, etc) I think of a hundred more still needing attention. As the boxes began fading away, I promised myself that I won't move again for 7 years or a publishing contract, whichever occurs first.

It feels good to be back and look forward to getting back into the writing/editing and blogging state of mind. I wonder if that last box to be unpacked that I may find my mind.

After I get settled, I plan to haunt as many writer's blogs as I can...consider yourselves warned.