Monday, August 29, 2011


What is your fear?

Not your greatest of fears making you shudder at the possibilities, but those little fears you hide with laughter, what are they?

Me? Insignificance.

Another is love. Love is a black hole in outer space pulling galaxies into it making them disappear, absorbing them into the nothingness inside a black hole. It is where you lose yourself inside someone else. They take. You give until you vanish, until you no longer are you, unless you are the taker. That is a different cup of tea, a bitter cup that has no taste unless you wake from yourself.

There is no such thing as love. Only make believe. Only self-fulfilling proprietorship.


(Warning: If my one and only true follower can stand the is good enough for me. The WWW is chalked full of websites/blogs screaming how to write, how to become a writer, etc. I want to write, not talk about it.

So, my blog - until I can move it to Wordpress or somewhere that treats me with some respect - is now all about what is in this wicked little brain of mine. It is now my muse when I have an inclination to share my thoughts, that is. I have resisted those dark shadows lurking about, yet I feel surrender edging closer and closer. Yeah...I have been reading some interesting books that really opened my eyes to some ghosts and skeletons lurking about in the dark corners of my mind. They are not scary unless looked at under a microscope. I have one in my desk drawer...hmmmmm.

Thank you for reading even if you don’t respond. If I don’t respond much to your responses it is probably because my own blog says I haven’t permisso to read my own site. Then it only lets me respond as if I am not a blogger member.)


  1. I think everyone fears being invisible. Maybe that's why we should all take a little more time and validate each other instead of ignoring each other.

  2. I like that one. It is very much like my insignificance fear.

    Some fear death, but I fear fear being dead and no one knows it because they didn't know I ever lived.

    thanks again, Michael for continuing to visit my blog. I appreciate your support.

    Another fear I consider from time to time is a moment of shattering. You know, that moment when our lives are shattered in an instant - death of a child, invasion of a thief, mad person shooting randomly at the mall or store - anything that bursts our bubble of secure and peaceful living.

    Say, what do you think? Book Title: Shattering. Sounds a little Stephen Kingish.