Monday, May 14, 2012

Nothing Easy

I have read that self-publishing is hard work.

You know…it really is.

First, we write to novel. Second we rewrite the novel, thus becoming our own “Copy Editor.”

Then, we edit, proof, and remove all unnecessary words, phrases, paragraphs, and even chapters, or add all of the above, thus becoming our own “Editor.”

While accomplishing this, we study and learn about the industry if we are smart.

Then, we proof, thus becoming a Proof Reader searching for all tittles and dots.

Somewhere along this journey, we develop doubts, questions, as we teeter between Traditional and Indie wondering if we have made the right choices.

Refusing to burn bridges or spout off about one or the other, we trudge on determined to write the best novel we can regardless of which path we choose when we come to the fork in the road.

We learn that self-publishing is just that: Self Publish, which means we become our own Publishing Company, in a way.

Then, we study marketing. We read what others have done to promote their works. We never thought we could be a salesman (politically correct=Salesperson). Then a spark ignites the fire with promotional ideas, and if we really dig deep within our creative spirits, we discover that we are not selling books, but adventures. We become determined to get stores that don’t sell books, to sell our adventures, even the corner Exxon down the street.

Meanwhile, we read another Tweet about publishing whether it is about Traditional or Indie and edit our manuscripts one more time.

There is NOTHING easy about becoming a successful author. It is not a popular sport at all. In the end of it all, regardless of which path we choose, we feel like we have been running in circles because the way the traditional publishing has evolved, the agents, editors, and publishing houses EXPECT us to do all of the work of Indie while they hold onto our rights.

There is NOTHING easy in writing, but the rewards are immeasurable.

There is NOTHING easy about getting published, whether we do it our way or “theirs” but Indie seems a little simpler. After all, we are at the helm amidst the sinking, sailing, storms, and doldrums.

Simplicity sounds good. It may not be the most powerful force in the universe, but often times a writer, a true writer of the craft for the sake of the craft, merely wants to be read. That is simple.

While formatting my novel for Amazon, I keep hearing the words of Frankie… “I did it my way…no…not in a shy way…”

However, those bridges won’t be burned just yet…I am conniving another query letter…one last attempt at the Big Houses. Actually, it is more of a dare query than one with hopes of winning the Agent Lotto.

Anyone wish to put their two cents in about which side of the fence to graze upon…?

Another blog about this topic <--a link to a good read.

Although there are many blogs out in cyberspace, many tend to compare success to the million-dollar authors whether they were Indie or Traditional initially. Both sides of the fence have the super-successful writers, the middle or self-sufficient writers, and the hobbyists who write without making it big.

Successful writing is determined by how much passion we have for the art.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog under construction, or reconstruction

Originally, this blog was all about links to better writing. However, the WWW is packed full of such links, advice, and sure-fire methods to success. For years, I have taken the advice, studied the industry, and then taken a break while completing another novel. This blogspot has not been forgotten, only put on the back burner while I edit and prepare my novel for publishing. My blogspot is now under construction for a major facelift. My website no longer functions over at because they seem to have frozen up. Therefore, My blogspot IS my new website. Coming soon….updated information, novel details, upcoming novels in progress, etc. Please be patient as my blog morphs into a butterfly.