Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Last Box...

Only one box to go and I will be finished unpacking (not counting ones I shoved into the hall closet for later investigation). Last night, I wrestled with my computer's wireless connection until 3 a.m. and I won. I am now back on line and trying to get caught up on all the hundreds of emails, blowing off the cobwebs of blog and twitter, and catching up with my linkedin spot.

Each time I get something accomplished (pay a bill, update an account, etc) I think of a hundred more still needing attention. As the boxes began fading away, I promised myself that I won't move again for 7 years or a publishing contract, whichever occurs first.

It feels good to be back and look forward to getting back into the writing/editing and blogging state of mind. I wonder if that last box to be unpacked that I may find my mind.

After I get settled, I plan to haunt as many writer's blogs as I can...consider yourselves warned.


  1. Welcome back Lucinda. I missed you :) Wireless troubles can be difficult. I get calls at work where some of my clients cannot connect to wireless and trying to find out exactly what is going on gives me a headache sometimes. Steps 1) Reset router 2) Make sure Windows is controlling the wireless and not some other program. 3) Use the wireless repair utility to restart the internal wireless card.

  2. Hi, Michael! glad you dropped by to welcome me back to cyber world, USA. Yeah, I finally uninstalled the router software (hadn't used it for a while) and re-installed it. Then read the step-by-step wizard and finally got it right. I was tired at 3 a.m., but it was worth it.

    Now, to sort out the thousand emails in my inboxes (three accounts), send out change of address to credit cards, banks, etc. But, I love having an agenda. I was just thinking about NANOWRIMO coming up in November again. What am I going to write this time????? I love that site. It takes me away from it all for 30 days of writing frenzy while tossing my editor's cap in the corner.

    I will be over to your place soon to pay you a visit and see what trouble you have stirred up recently.

    Tell you have trouble with Blogger recognizing your sign-in? I posted on Nathan Bransford's blog and it showed me already signed in, but when I post a reply to MY OWN blog, it insists on my being Annon or name, or something else other than my Google sign-in.

    Tnx again for the welcome home.


  3. Okay, so now it allowed my sign-in, but it never shows me signed in and no tools where I can edit anything directly from my homepage of my blog. What am I doing wrong? Arg.