Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Job

In the last couple of weeks, I have neglected my blog, emails, and twitter. However, I have not forgotten where my heart beats the loudest.

Within a month, I will be relocating to a new residence. So, please be patient with me as I blow the cobwebs off my belongings and move.

It won't be long before I am settled and ready to get back to doing what I love most in life - writing.

So, please accept my sincerest apology for neglecting you.


  1. I'm right there with you - moving in early July!

  2. Hi Elena, is your good a good one?

    Mine is good in several ways - no long commutes to work and get my stuff out of storage. It's been so long, I forgot what I have. I move early in July as well.

    Good luck with your move.

  3. Is anyone having the same trouble with Blogspot?

    I sign in, it says I am signed in, yet it won't allow me to post as signed in. It keeps saying something about cookies. I cleaned the cookie jar, washed it, and polished it down so squeaking clean that it is now a hassle to go to my favorites....and still no cookies for Blogspot. Arg.

    When I try to post, using my Google Blog account, it posts a comment with Annonymous instead.

    I am open for any suggestions here.


  4. You should post some pictures of your new place Lucinda.

  5. I am signed into blog, but to post a response to even my own blog, I have to do as though I haven't a blog account.

    Thanks Michael. I may just do that one day. My camera is lost in the packed-box black hole right now. I am waiting for the people to move out of the apartment I am to move into (strumming fingers patiently).

    I have considered selling some of my furniture to avoid moving it, but sure enough, I would regret it.

    Once all the dust settles from tossing my furniture about, I will get back to blogging and writing. Then I plan to set some monsterous Agent Traps. hmmmm...I wonder what is the best bait to use.

    see ya around the neighborhood soon


  6. Hunting the Cookie Monster! testing....

  7. It worked! Instead of dropping the drawbridge to allow all the cookie monsters free crossing, I pinned Blogspot to the "allowed" list and PRESTO! I am me once again.