Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eating Words

When we read, we think. When we write, we think, and we think about what a reader thinks. Does a reader ever wonder what a writer was thinking while writing what the reader is now reading.


Think of reading and writing as food for the mind. We can eat junk or healthy food. We can also eat for fun, whether it is healthy or junk.

If we only chew our food without swallowing it, it does our bodies little good. That may not be a bad thing to try with that chocolate cake and ice cream.

Same as when we read, if we do not act upon a truth, or if what we read does not make us think at all, then the writer has not entered our head and it does little for our minds.

Even reading for entertainment can make us think about our lives, our neighbors, people we work with or playmates.

Thinking deeply about things will take us into the realm of philosophy where we contemplate the universe, our existence, and our reaction to it all. Reading what a philosopher has written takes us on a journey inside not only their thoughts, but also our own.

Hope I made you think a little today.

In the front of my first book in print, there is a poem I purposefully wrote for that book:

As I Write

If I write about the insanity of life
Then I may intrigue you

If I write about the passions in life
Then I may move you

If I write about the joy in life
Then I might lighten your load

If I write about the truth in life
Then I may cause you to think

If I write about the pain life gives
Then I may touch your compassion

If I write about the love in life
Then I may reach your heart

If I write about the beauty we share
Then we can connect with peace

If my writings never touch you at all
Then I have failed

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  1. I always wonder what a writer was thinking about when they write the things I'm reading...unless the things I'm reading make perfect sense and then I just know they were thinking exactly what I'm thinking. But of course that's not necessarily true and that is part the beauty of getting to know other people and reading what they write when they are thinking what they think. :)