Friday, December 16, 2011

Thousand Words A Picture

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The person making that statement obviously hasn't written many novels because most visual arts such as sketching, painting and the like take a lot more than a thousand words to express the beauty, or explain exactly what in the world?

In this wonderful world of creating with words, we read about voice repeatedly. If anyone has any input on what it means to them, please post it.

Writer's Voice didn't mean much to me until recently while stretching my imagination in a single month to write 50,000 words for the Nanowrimo site. In that exercise, I found the writing style that I love doing, and it requires very little editing because it flows from my fingertips without much editing. It is my happy zone in writing. My inner editor took a vacation to the Burmuda Triangle, I think.

I have been hiding for the last few months....writing novel after novel. I will go back and reveiw later, but for now, I am pounding the keyboard like a concert pianist pounds the ivory keys. It may not be music that I am making, but it certainly sounds good to me.

My new laptop is making this work much to get some answers from Google about recognizing me here.

A great weekend to all who may read, but never respond.



  1. Personally, to me writer's voice means a persons perspective, each one of us has our own but we have to "find" it. You would think you know what your own perspective is but it does take some investigating. Once you figure it out and how to be consistent, entertaining and communicative with it you have found your writer's voice. I think... :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Queen of Light. Glad to see you in my neighborhood.

    How has your writing been coming along? You do still write some, right?

    A while back, I realized that I had to get out of the dark to find the light...or the right voice. The dark is still lurking in some of my earlier writing, and I will make good use of it. But for now, I am having too much fun writing what I love most - children's stories (full novels of course)

    Does anyone know much about WordPress blogspots? I am thinking about moving my blog over there so I can get back into working on it. Between Google not recognizing me and my website file manager down, I get frustrated.

    so...pouring a glass of wine...back to finishing my current WIP.


  3. wowsers....all I had to do was threaten to go elsewhere..and it let me sign in as me...pic and all....amazing!