Sunday, April 3, 2011

Free Samples of my Works

Sharing makes the world go round a little smoother. Therefore, I updated my website to include free excerpts of my books, novels, and poetry. Included on the sidebar of my blog are links to each of those pages.

The non-fiction book that I am working on now will be among those soon. Check the list often because I will add or change them from time to time.

I welcome any comments about them. Yes, you can be brutal. (but please be gentle in your brutality - smile) If you don't like something, please tell me why you don't. If you like something about what you read, please share with me.

Have a great day - and write



  1. Oh my. I'll have to check these out.

  2. Please do and be sure to ask for more reading if you are interested in anything particular.