Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Neglect due to Stresssssss

Sorry for not hunting and posting updated blogs for a long while, but job hunting took priority in my life. In order to continue my addiction to writing, I must have a day job to support the addiction.

However, I have been keeping the "Links" updated whenever I find a good one. Tonight I stickpinned a new link under "Elements of Style" and also on my website under "Author Resources" Grammar Divas. There is another author listed on my website. An author and a teacher, James Scott Bell, seems like a great resource for learning the craft.

Anything to make our journey towards publishing success a little easier...

As soon as I get employed, I plan to turn the fire up on those WIP on the back burners, and to post a blog more often. Until then, please be patient and don't wander too far away. If you find a website that has great advice or ideas about writing, please post it to this blog or shoot me an email.

Thanks for dropping by...


  1. That's okay. Happy Easter! Here's a lil coffee thing with a peep floating in it for you :))

  2. Hi Michael! Glad to see you still lurking around the neighborhood. I enjoyed the coffee, but that link didn't work and I copy pasted it to a browser addy thing...still nodda.

    speaking of browsers - twice now updates tried to install IE 9. Why do they always mess with something that works just fine? Twice, I tried it and twice I did a system restore.

    Updates sometimes remind me of someone coming in your house in the middle of the night and re-arranging all the furniture. You get up, and trip over everything. Then when you finally get adjusted to where everything is at, they do it again.

    Tnx again Michael for hanging around while I haunt the job listings.


  3. Good luck with the job search!!

  4. Tnx Paul, I appreciate that.

    I know there is a job out there with my name. They just haven't met me yet.

    How are all your travels going?