Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Write

Recently, on twitter a hash tag #whyIwrite tweeted all over the place. One writer answered numerous times, while one author, Jason Pinter, wrote some awesome reasons for writing.

Giving it a little thought, I wrote one. Then more thought, I wrote another. Now, I have slept on it and thought about it some more.

Why do we write? Why do you write? And why do you read what others write about writing?

Some answers in the hashtag as well as answers I have read on other blogs and writer forums, say they are compelled to write as if they have no choice. But why such a compelling drive? What happened in life to cause such an unquenchable hunger to create worlds with words?

So, I am taking that question on step further…

Why do you write?
What does writing do for you while you are writing?
What motivates you to write?

Are we all really addicted to it? Are we insane, obsessed, or demented?

Some days I feel like I am losing my marbles, so I keep them in a drawstring bag in my armoire just to prove I still have a few of my marbles left.


  1. Initially I began writing to get the emotions that were locked up inside of me out. I could read it back objectively, & then problem solve as if it was not me who had the problems. That later evolved into just being creative, & letting the words just magically come from my mind or imagination onto paper.

    Writing for me has become enjoyable while I'm doing it. I never know when the muse is going to enter, nor exactly what I may write. It becomes similar to a mystery, as I simply "allow" words to appear in my mind. At times, I simply put a title down, & then the body starts happening as I release my control.

    Many things motivate my writing, such as emotion, nature, music, or just my imagination wanting to be set free. I just let it happen, & never allow writing to dominate me.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and posting a little, Linda.

    Any reason for writing is a good reason as long as we gain something from it. I can't imagine ever writing against our will - but we have all experienced that way back when in our school days.

    Along about high school, I felt a hunger, or drive to write. I wouldn't say it ever dominates me, but it certainly is my happy spot in life - and my safe zone.

    Thanks again for dropping by.