Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Remember When... were a child?

The best parents are those who never forget when they themselves were children. Do you remember how it felt to be afraid of the dark, scared to be alone, embarrassed when someone laughed at you? After half a century, we tend to forget when we exchange fashion for comfort, a curmudgeon attitude instead of fear, and laugh at ourselves before others have a chance to do so. Think back to the good ol’ days and remember when…

…you were a student?

We teach others in many ways, even when we aren’t trying to teach. Teachers who remember being students make the best teachers. Youth comes in delicate packages. Remember that teacher who was so hard on you? You hated them at the time, but as the years passed, you realized that they were the best and that you learned the most from that class regardless of the subject. It could be your eighth-grade mathematics teacher. We remember those who cared when…

…we were sick.

The best doctors are those who remember what it was like to be the patient. They have compassion even when they don’t want to get too attached because of the emotional pain.

Growing up, growing wiser, and growing towards the real things that matter in life has been an on-going process since man first walked upon this earth. There is nothing new, only rearranged. Ever meet an old friend who made it rich and they cannot remember your name or what it was like to be poor? Rather than taking offense, pity them. Pity anyone who forgets the roads they have traveled to get to where they are today.

Read the news…
…about those who jump out of windows because they lost a fortune – pity them for they have forgotten true value.
…about someone who cannot live without another, yet murder them and themselves – pity them for they have forgotten true love.

Remember when…and be thankful and content – the power of tranquility.


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