Sunday, February 20, 2011

V is for Victory!

Two days of frustration and muddling through html, xtml, tutorials, and starting over from initial html document (always! always! make an extra copy so you can go back to page one), I discovered (er...learned)the difference between "align" and "valign" and the whole time I knew it had to be some simple design layout thingie. Yep, just the letter "v" made my stuff go where I wanted.

Working with publisher has spoiled me. I like to be able to click and drag something where I want it. No resistance.

After all the searching the web for some great tools, tutorials, etc...I found a great software that is completely free. Microsoft offers it as a free download. Download, agree, and then select all four installs, then explore the wonderful world of website building.

I may just forget about writing books and start designing websites using that little baby.


  1. I hear your frustration! /high five. I can tell you are very computer savvy. I consider myself fairly computer savvy but nowhere near where I truly want to be. However, I get a lot of questions from people who want me to drop everything and rush to fix their computer problem. The reason I bring this up is I'm hoping that this doesn't happen to you...that have tons of people beating down your door saying, "Please fix's an emergency..." at all hours of the night.

  2. Thanks Michael, I hope someone beats down my door with a publishing contract in hand. (smile)

    Actually, I am not all that savvy with computers, but on advice, I took some classes a while back. It is much like learning a language without becoming fluent in it. Just enough to get in trouble with...I am fumbling my way through five pages of code for five pages of a new website and after adding the v back in love, I am making progress...I think. Check it out:

    It is still under construction.

    As far as fixing computers? That is my son's department...

    (just a thought - five pages in about five days means five less days working on my WIP at about 3,000 words per day...that is 15,000 words I didn't write)